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Dave Blizard



Lighting Supervisor with 17 years of CG experience and have a proven track record in leading teams as well as direction of tools, technology, and pipeline development. My experience ranges from video games, visual effects, feature animation to commercial and broadcast graphics. I'm seeking a lighting supervisor or art director position with a leading edge company on a creative and forward thinking team.

Specialties: Team lead, bridge between artists and engineers, tools development, pipeline data flow, artist efficiency and iteration, art direction, color integrity, wide knowledge base regarding lighting and runtime to offline rendering methodologies.

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CircleK / PDI Dreamworks


Coke Aliens / PDI Dreamworks


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Antz / Feature Animation / PDI Dreamworks

Forces of Nature

Forces of Nature / Film VFX / PDI Dreamworks


Mission Impossible 2 / Film VFX / PDI

Minority Report

Minority Report / Film VFX / PDI Dreamworks

Dead Space

Dead Space / Video Game / EA

James Bond

James Bond / Video Game / EA

LotR RotK

Lord of the Rings - Return of the King / Video Game / EA


Lumia Grande
Burning Man 2007
The Green Man

A solar powered kinetic light art sculpture based on the works of Thomas Wilfred 1889-1968.

The colorful abstract ethereal forms that are created by Lumia Grande fixate participants; some claim to simply enjoy the different shapes and color, while others insist on seeing glimpses of hyper-realistic images with a spiritual connection of divine importance. The one thing that most viewers seem to have in common is being perplexed by how this device works and what is behind the large 4x8 plexi-glass panel.


email: daveblizard@gmail.com
skype: daveblizard
twitter: blizzzz
phone: 604 569 9001

Vancouver, BC • San Francisco, CA